Join the ANCA Rapid Responder System
Here's how it works:

The ANCA has made it easier than ever to ensure your voice is heard in the Halls of Government on the federal, state and local levels, with the ANCA Rapid Responder System.

By signing up, you allow the ANCA to automatically send pre-written letters on your behalf to your legislators. This system ensures that your views and values are shared immediately with key decision makers, every time that the ANCA posts an action alert. This is especially vital when events develop quickly and every minute counts. (We will, of course, forward you a copy of the letter sent on your behalf for your files.)

We value the trust you have placed in the ANCA to take immediate action on your behalf. However, if you ever wish to stop these automatic letters, you can always unsubscribe by emailing or by calling (202) 775-1918. We will continue sending you our latest updates and you can pick the letters you want to send in your name.

Registration is a quick, two-step process. First, fill in your name, address, phone and email and click "Sign Me Up!" Next, you will receive a Rapid Responder confirmation email. Please click on the enclosed special link to verify your participation in the program.

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